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- Our Mission -

Relax Collective is a West Coast, Canadian company focused on cleaning up the environment with each product sold. We are based out of Vancouver Island and currently focus our clean ups on removing litter from illegal dumpsites in our forests, beaches, and communities.

- How We'll Make it Happen -
With every article of clothing sold, we pledge to clean up one pound of litter and dispose of it ethically to keep the environment and our communities clean. As our brand grows, so will the scale of our clean ups. We hope to be able to have community-wide clean ups, including work in our parks! 

 - Our Process -

Relax Collective designs, creates, and prints shirts and hoodies in Shawnigan Lake, B.C. Using ethically sourced imported garments from Canadian wholesalers, we ensure consistent quality and support Canadian industry while keeping our products affordable for you.


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