Thanks to you, we've cleaned up 4,317 pounds of litter.

  • BC Born

    Relax Collective came to life in 2018 on Vancouver Island. Our shop and clean up efforts remain local. Almost all of our products are made in B.C.

  • Empowering Youth

    We partner up with local community volunteer organizations that encourage youth to help the earth while gaining valuable volunteer experience.

  • Under Promise, Over Deliver

    Although we promise to clean up 1 pound per product, we can't stop once we start. Each clean up ranges from 400-800lbs of litter removed from the environment and disposed of responsibly.

Our Products

Unisex Palm Tree Everyday Tee-Shop Relax Collective-Season 1,T Shirt,UnisexUnisex Palm Tree Everyday Tee-Shop Relax Collective-Season 1,T Shirt,Unisex

Canada produces 85,000 tons of waste every single day. That's similar to 85,000 small cars dumped irresponsibly, every day.

Join our movement and help us tackle Canada's steadily growing litter problem.

What You Can Do